My fuse box keeps tripping out electric

 The most common reason for a switch in your fuse box continually tripping the electricity to a circuit in your home is a faulty appliance or an overloaded circuit.

Locating the root of the issue is just a process of elimination and something you could easily do yourself to save time and money.

Firstly locate your fuse board and check if any electric breaker switches have switched downwards. If you do, you may have either overloaded a circuit with too many electrical appliances or one of those appliances are faulty. You must investigate the cause of the problem before you reset the switch back to 'on'.

 The most successful way of checking for an overloaded circuit is to unplug a few electrical appliances and switch the tripped breaker in your fuse board back to the 'on' position.

To investigate a faulty electrical appliance you may be able to work out what the problem is by having a look at your fuse board. Hopefully, your switches are labelled so that you can identify the room or circuit where the fault is located and hopefully remember which device you plugged in last. If your switches in your fuse board are not labelled then unfortunately it will be a long process of unplugging all of the electrical devices in your home, resetting your fuse switch to 'on' and plugging each device back in one at a time. You should then discover the culprit as your fuse switch will trip again when you plug in the faulty appliance. Also don't forget to unplug appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and cookers.

Once you have identified the device causing the breaker to trip, turn it off and unplug it then reset your fuse switch. Do not use the faulty appliance until you have had it safely checked and repaired.

 If after checking for circuit overload and/or a faulty appliance, your fuse board is still tripping then the safest step to take is to contact your local qualified electrician to investigate further.