We at Mr Fuse Box believe that we offer our customers a unique customer experience from our first point of contact. Let me guide you through our process.


Your Initial Enquiry 


- However, you make it, you will expect a call from our admin/secretary Taylor. Provide Taylor with as much information as you possibly can and your contact details including address and email address. Then it's time to make a decision...


Virtual Quote Or A Site Visit?

Virtual Quotes - To be honest, this is our preferred method. Let's face it, all of our time is precious so let us help you not waste your time. Just take some pictures of what you would like done and send us a brief description. If you do this via WhatsApp it will also be free so you won't have to worry about extra charges on your phone bill. We will take it from there.

- Site Visit - Obviously, there are some situations where a virtual quote may not be possible. Taylor will discuss with you our availability and find and time that suits you. We will send you a booking confirmation via email and SMS. On the day of your site visit, you will also receive a reminder from us and a message from Richard when he is on his way and how long it will take for him to get there. You will also be able to track our Mr Fuse Box van to see how far away we are.


Time For Your Quote.

- We like to do everything over email so we are all on the same page and there is no confusion in communication. We understand that some people don't like email so could also send our quote over to you via SMS but email is preferred. If there is anything you think we have missed or you would like added to your job, please get in touch with Taylor and we can modify your quote. We will give you some time to think about the quote, before following up with you. A follow-up call with us will not be a sales call, this will just be a quick chat with Taylor to go over your decision and any questions you may have.


Decision Time.

Accepting - You can let us know in many different ways. You can accept online via a link on the quote, by email or by calling us. Taylor will be in touch and discuss with you a date and time to schedule your job. Please remember that we may not be able to fit your job in immediately or your job may require materials that need to be ordered but we will do our very best to fit you in as soon as possible on a day and time that suits you. We require a 30% deposit to secure your project on our schedule. In this case, you will receive a partial invoice via email. Once this has been received your job can be booked in.

Declining - We will not be offended if you chose not to work with us. Just keep us informed. We will be sorry to not work with you at this time, but we will keep in touch via email with electrical safety hints and tips and will hope to help you in the future.


In The Event That Your Job Has Been Put On Hold...

- A job can be put on hold due to materials not being in stock or maybe you have other contractors doing other work in your home which may push us back. Whatever the reason be assured that we will be in constant communication with you making sure you know you haven't been forgotten, you are up to date with any progress and completing your job is still a priority for us.


Getting Your Job Booked In.

- Taylor will give you a call and discuss with you our availability to find a date and time that also suits you. Once this has been agreed upon, you will receive a booking confirmation via email and SMS. Taylor may even ask you at this point if we are able to bring our content creator Jenny, Mrs Fuse Box, along with us to take pictures of the work as we are trying to build up our content and grow our small business.


When The Day Arrives...

- On the day of your job you will receive a reminder via email and SMS. You will also get an SMS from Richard to let you know he is on his way with Simon. You can also track our Mr Fuse Box van from the link sent via SMS so you know exactly when they will turn up. Once they arrive, Richard and Simon will have a quick chat with you and crack on with your job. Once completed you can either pay via cash there and then or an invoice will be sent to you shortly via email with details on how to pay.


Did You Think That Would Be It?

- We are not the type of company that gets the job done, paid and walks away from our clients to never see or hear from us again. You can expect a follow-up call from Taylor after a few days to thank you for not only choosing us but we also want to know your feedback. We don't want to leave any of our customers unhappy so any feedback would be appreciated. After your call, Taylor will send you a quick SMS with a link to our google reviews and we would love for you to leave us your feedback. We will then continue to keep in touch with you via email. These will not be marketing emails bombarding you with sales and offers. These emails will be to give you helpful hints and tips regarding electrical safety in your home. You can of course unsubscribe to these but we hope you don't. 

As you can tell, providing our customers with not only amazing work completion but also an overall great customer experience is something we value and believe separates us from everyone else. We already look forward to hearing from you.


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